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Published: March 2010

Japan's National Security: Structures, Norms and Policy Responses in a Changing World

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  • Japan’s National Security offers a detailed examination of Japan’s distinctive security policy. It traces in considerable detail the evolution of Japan’s approach to the economic, political and military dimensions of national structures of government as well as a particular set of relations between state and society. One of the noteworthy aspects of this book is its detailed attention to the transnational links between the Japanese and the American militaries. The book accords a special place of the interaction between the legal and social norms that have affected Japanese conceptions of national security since 1945. Japan’s National Security offers an important, meticulously researched, and up-to-date perspective on the role that Japan is likely to play after the Cold War.Together with Defending the Japanese State, these two monographs analyze the structures and norms that are shaping Japan’s policy on internal and national security. The specific focus is on governmental, state-society and transnational structures as well as the social and legal norms that affect the policies of Japan’s police and self-defense forces.

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