Creating Laos: The Making of a Lao Space between Siam and Indochina, 1860–1945

Hardback: $67.00
ISBN-13: 9788776940225
Published: April 2008
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ISBN-13: 9788776940232
Published: April 2008

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252 pages | illus.
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  • This book examines the process through which Laos came into existence under French colonial rule through to the end of World War II. Here, Laos’s position at the intersection of two conflicting spatial layouts of “Thailand” and “Indochina” made its national form a particularly contested process. Rather than analyze this process in terms of administrative and political structures, the book discusses how a specific idea about a separate “Lao space” and its culture was formed.

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    • Soren Ivarsson, Author

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