Co-Management Of Natural Resources In Asia: A Comparative Perspective

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ISBN-13: 9788791114137
Published: November 2003

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320 pages
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  • – One of the few studies focusing on co-management of natural resources (as opposed to general
    environmental issues).
    – This approach to environmental management is rapidly becoming popular in Asia.

    Co-management, that is the sharing of responsibilities between governmental institutions and groups of resource users, is rapidly becoming popular in Asia. In many countries environmental management is reformulated from exclusive state control to various kinds of joint management in which local communities, indigenous peoples and non-governmental organizations share authority and benefits with governmental institutions. In this book case studies of experiments with co-management in a number of countries are combined with more reflective contributions pointing to underlying assumptions and problems in the actual implementation of co-management.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Diny M. E. van Est, Editor

    • Gerard Persoon, Editor

    • Percy E. Sajise, Editor

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