Paperback: $15.99
ISBN-13: 9780824837310
Published: September 2012
112 pages | full color illus.

The Small Food Garden: Growing Organic Fruit and Vegetables at Home

  • About the Book
  • Fresh food straight from the garden—it’s got to be good for you. No matter what size your outdoor space, you can plant, grow, and harvest fresh organic produce using the information in this compact book. Included are vegetables, herbs, and fruit, with tips on planting, growing, and caring for each plant. Investigate the options: look at containers, grow bags, raised beds, and window boxes. Discover what to plant where and how to provide water and nutrients to ensure you grow healthy, productive fruit and vegetables.

    Plant, grow, harvest, and enjoy your own edible garden.
    Best varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruit for planting in small spaces.
    Color photographs of every featured food plant.
    Create a water-efficient, organic edible garden.