Hardback: $14.99
ISBN-13: 9781583511732
Published: May 2019

Emma’s Adventure: Mommy’s Work Trip

  • About the Book
  • Business trips can present extra challenges to family life, especially with a young child. What happens to Emma and her family when her mommy has to travel to a conference for work? Through this experience, Emma learns about her mommy’s job and discovers how to deal with the separation. Her most important lesson—Mommy will always come back to her!

    The author, Alyssa Kapaona came up with this idea when she had to leave her daughter for the first time to attend a conference. She is hoping this book can help parents ease the anxiety a young child might feel when their parent is away for work. There are two maps included in this book—one of the United States of America and another of the world. Parents can use these two maps as tools to show children their work trip destinations. Parents can also use this book to explain the abstract concept of working in higher education.

    There is a letter from the author to parents, caregivers, and educators attached to this book. The author shares some tips on how to engage children with the content of this book (e.g. how to prepare for a trip and how to help children practice vocabulary.) We hope you enjoy this book as much as we do.