China Review International vol. 23 no. 3 (2016)

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Volume 23 Number 3 of China Review International begins with three featured reviews and 27 more reviews of scholarly literature in Chinese studies.


Steven Sangren, Filiality, and the Holy Grail of Chinese Anthropology (reviewing P. Steven Sangren, Filial Obsessions: Chinese Patriliny and Its Discontents) Reviewed by Christopher Lupke

Confucianism With German Characteristics (reviewing Ming-huei Lee, Confucianism: Its Roots and Global Signicance) Reviewed by Stephen C. Angle

The Chinese Maritime Customs Service: A Chinese, Western, or Global Agency? (reviewing Felix Boecking, No Great Wall: Trade, Taris, and Nationalism in Republican China, 1927–1945) Reviewed by Chihyun Chang


Gregor Benton, editor, Prophets Unarmed: Chinese Trotskyists in Revolution, War, Jail, and the Return from Limbo Reviewed by Alan Hunter

Stephen Eskildsen, Daoism, Meditation, and the Wonders of Serenity: From the Latter Han Dynasty (25–220) to the Tang Dynasty (618–907) Reviewed by James D. Sellmann 

Karen Fang, Arresting Cinema: Surveillance in Hong Kong Film Reviewed by Howard Y.F. Choy 

Kevin P. Gallagher, The China Triangle: Latin America’s China Boom and the Fate of the Washington Consensus Reviewed by Benjamin Creutzfeldt 

Noël Golvers, Letters of a Peking Jesuit: The Correspondence of Ferdinand Verbiest SJ (1623–1688). Revised and Expanded. Reviewed by Wu Huiyi 

…plus 22 more reviews and works received.

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About the Journal

Every quarter, China Review International presents timely, English-language reviews of recently published China-related books and monographs. Its multidisciplinary scope and international coverage make it an indispensable tool for all those interested in Chinese culture and civilization, and enable the sinologist to keep abreast of cutting-edge scholarship in Chinese studies.


Individual and institutional subscriptions available through UH Press.


China Review International publishes reviews of recent scholarly literature and “state-of-the-art” articles in all fields of Chinese studies. Reviews are generally published by invitation only; however, unsolicited reviews will be considered for publication based on merit and guidelines can be found here.

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China Review International
Volume 23 Number 3


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